Lashes and Facials 

                                         Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are cosmetic applications that enhance the length, curl,fullness,and thickness of natural eyelashes


                                           Classic Fullset

Classic lashes are the most natural of all of my sets,this set is done using one single lash extension to one single natural lash. This set is ideal for ladies who just want something a little extra, if your natural lashes sparse or have gaps this will not provide any additional coverage..


Classic fill 1week: $30.00

Classic fill 2week: $55.00


                                            Hybrid Fullset
(2hour 30min@$150.00):

Hybrid is a mixture of classic single lashes and volume fans, perfect for ladies who want a step up from classic but not full volume. This set is tailored to your natural lashes to achieve the perfect mix.


hybrid fill 1week: $35.00

hybrid fill 2week: $65.00


should you get a fill or new full set? 
if there are less than 50% of your lashes gone from your previous service you will need to schedule a full set. If there are than more than 50% of your lashes left then you will need a fill in. (this decision is made by your esthetician)



Basic facial:(1hour@$120.00)

Cleanses pores, exfoliates away dead skin cells and treats common concerns. It's meant to rejuvenate and pamper. This service is great for a first time facial to analyze and asses for future treatments.


Back facial(1hour@110.00)

Full back facial addresses the concerns of combination skin,clogged pores and minor discoloration. This includes deep steam cleaning,gentle exfoliation,extensions,back mask,light massage,hot towels. 

Dermaplaning & facial(1hour@125.00)

dermaplaning removes dead skin cells, vellum hair, this primes the skin for smoother makeup applications while creating a healthier more radiant and even complexion. After a hydro jelly mask provides the skin with several benefits such as hydration, smoothing, moisturizing,cooling,toning and inflammation reduction. 

Deep pore cleaning facial(1hour@$85.00)

this is ideal for those with acne, blackheads and clogged pores. Extensions, hyfrequency,custom mask include. This facial renews skins vitality and boosts it's epidermal microbiology,reducing redness and clarifying skins texture.  

Light peel: (add on to dermaplaning facial and deep pore facial@$50.00)

during a light peel a cotton ball, gauze, or brush will be used to apply a chemical solution like salicylic acid to the area being treated. The skin will start to turn whiten , and may have a sling stinging sensation. Once complete,the chemical solution will be removed and a neutralizing solution will be added. 
before a chemical peel, you most: 

~NOT use any type of retinal or retin-A topical medication for at least 48 hours

~STOP using facial scrubs and exfoliates the week before the peel.

~STOP waxing face the week before peeling.
~NOT have been on Accutane for at lease six months

~Please inform your skin care specialist about any medication you are taking. 


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